This installation guide explains how to set up licensing for software using the Gemalto licensing system.

Note:    This guide used to be called the IHS Markit installation guide.


The Sentinel RMS License Manager is the service that administers the network licenses for legacy IHS Markit applications (now part of S&P Global), and from now on will be referred to as the License Service. To use the License Service, ensure you review the minimum system requirements.

The legacy IHS Markit License Manager (now part of S&P Global) is the interface to the License Service, where you can activate / deactivate licenses and view license usage and current users. From now on, it will be referred to as the License Manager.

Virtual machine and Cloud network deployments

VMotion, MS Live Migration, Cloud deployments, or any other systems that include live / offline migration are not officially supported by the Gemalto Licensing System. However, we have made changes to our network license activation system to allow these technologies to be used reliably.

Note:    Any activations done prior to September 10th, 2020 need to be deactivated and reactivated (with the latest version of the IHS Markit License Manager) to make use of our updated network license activation system.

Please contact our support team for further guidance and helpful instructions. Phone 1-800-IHS-CARE or use our support help form: https://ihsmarkit.com/forms/contactinformation.html

Best practice

We recommend the following:

  • Ensure the server you are using for the License Service has a static IP address.
  • Deactivate your licenses prior to performing the following activities on your server (for network licenses) or workstation (for standalone licenses):

    • Operating system re-install
    • Operating system upgrade
    • Changing hardware (motherboard, hard drive or CPU)
    • Changing the size of a virtual disk
    • Decommissioning a computer
    • Re-imaging a PC or VM
  • If you already use an older version of the License Service (RMS) to manage licenses from IHS Markit (for example, Kingdom) or other companies, do not use this existing server. You need to set up a different server for this system. However, most other legacy, non-RMS based licensing systems can run on the same server. Please contact customer care if you have questions.
  • Do not host RMS-based licenses from non-IHS Markit software on this server. You need to set up a different server for those licenses.
  • We do not support a mixture of license versions for an individual feature on one server. If you have a mixture of perpetual seats (version-locked license) and subscription / maintenance seats (not version-locked) for a specific feature, then multiple license servers are necessary.